Modify MessageBox by MessageBoxManager

| December 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

You want to modify your default System.Windows.Forms.MessagBox look. You want to modify its fonts or its own size. In all you want to modify its appearance. And sometimes you wish to modify or change its functionality to some extent. Well … then there is some good news for you. But its not from Microsoft and is not included in .NET Framework too.

However you can modify MessageBox by MessageBoxManager and get same modification and functionality control over MessageBox. How? You can use its alternative developed by some of nice developers:

  • MessageBoxManager component – Is a component developed by Nishant Shivkumar. This component allows you to achieve above objectives (targets). You can download same with source code over here.
  • MessageBoxManager class or dll – Same as above one but the developer is different. Developed by Alex C. Duma. You can read and download source code from link.

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