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“Worthy things should be awarded recognition and must be spread all over the world.”

Yes!  Searching on internet about the Visual Studio class diagrams and their means I came to an article where the author Sacha Barber demonstrated an application named AutoDiagrammer & till date I have not seen any best article that explains the use of reflection in this way.

Autodiagrammer in action

Autodiagrammer in Action (Image by courtesy of


What is AutoDiagrammer?

A tool that takes input as .dll or .exe (must be CLR assembly or application files) from users and returns the full class diagram. The class diagram shows all members of classes along with all types of relationships between them. A must check tools for developers and professionals.

Well! Here is the official link to the website from where you can download both project AutoDiagrammer and source code too. And all is free except you would need to register yourself on that website.


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